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Wayne Rooney has expressed his strong desire to resume his coaching career after his departure from Birmingham City in January, openly sharing his Rooney Coaching Ambitions to take the helm at Manchester United or Everton within the next 10 years.

Rooney was sacked from Birmingham City after just three months in charge, losing 9 out of 15 games in that period, and Rooney has emphasised that despite the poor experience he had at Birmingham, he still aspires to return to coaching.

Wayne Rooney said on Match of the Day while analysing Manchester United’s match against Nottingham Forest :”Managing Manchester United or Everton is the aim, these big jobs are where you want to get to,”

“But it’s a process I have got to go through the steps and get myself back on track. I want to get myself back into management to make sure in the next 10 years I’m hopefully in a position to go into one of the big jobs.”

Rooney began his coaching career at Derby County, where he led the team between January 2021 and June 2022, and then took over as head coach of DC United in the United States Soccer League, the club Rooney played for.

Rooney considered his time at Birmingham City as a setback, but it will not prevent him from continuing his coaching career.

“I definitely want to get back into management. It was a setback what happened at Birmingham but I’m a fighter and I want to get back into it,” he said.

“You know as a manager [being sacked] is part of the job and you will have setbacks. It’s about how you bounce back.

“I’ve had some good time to reflect and will make sure I get it right next time.”

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