Son Heung-min criticises Tottenham’s performance against Fulham

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Son Heung-min in Tottenham Jersey
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Son Heung-min criticises Tottenham‘s performance against Fulham. The team suffered a heavy defeat at Craven Cottage.

The defeat against Fulham has made Tottenham’s quest for a Champions League qualifying spot even more difficult. They are currently in fifth place with 53 points behind Aston Villa, who have 55 points.

Tottenham had beaten Aston Villa last weekend 4-0. The defeat to Fulham left fans stunned.

“It is very disappointing and very frustrating. Everybody has to look in the mirror and say ‘it is my fault’,” Son said.

“It was not good enough. We didn’t put in the effort we have put in this season. The performance, the attitude was not good enough. Everyone needs a big wake-up call.”

“In the Premier League if you are not ready you get punished,” the South Korea forward added. “Aston Villa are an amazing team, but so are Fulham. If you are not giving 100% you get punished. You don’t get three points for free.

“We are representing Premier League teams, we are representing Tottenham. This was not close to what we have been doing this season. It is very sad to watch this. The fans don’t deserve this. Losing this was very tough.”

Head coach Ange Postecoglou expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance, especially in the second half.

“To be fair to the players, it’s the first time this year where I’ve felt, especially in the second half, that we just didn’t… We’re in the position we are because every week we’ve been really, really competitive in every aspect of the game and even in our losses I’ve felt like we’ve hit certain markers in terms of our endeavour and competitiveness and I thought that it was missing today and that was disappointing,” Postecoglou said.

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